Just Ask Randy

WHO:     Randy Wade here, at your service.

WHAT:   My job is to find/get you a better deal.

WHEN:   Anytime 24/7/365

WHERE: Anywhere

WHY:       Because saving money is cool, so is earning it!     Win-Win

It is really a simple service, but just not something everyone is good at or has the time/skills to do right. There are many tricks to getting the best price online (or offline for that matter). That is where I come in.

Here is the easy process...

(1) You decide on something that you want to save money on. A book, hat, fishing pole, property taxes or car. Whatever!

(2) You can either search around for best price that you can find (or not), either way, continue on to the next step.

(3) Contact me with the details. Now it's my time to find you the best deal possible.

(4) I will find you the way to save the most and let you know how/where to get it!

But wait you say, I have not paid you or even talked about your fees yet? And you already gave me the answer!

(5) That's right you get everything done upfront, done deal. It is only now that I ask that you make a donation for my services. So really if you saved $100 tossing me $20 means you still saved $80 more than if you had not contacted me. You are probably thinking {I wonder how many times he gets skunked?} so far around 2% of the time. In short, I find that people are good & fair.

What do you have to lose? As this truly is a Win-Win for everyone! Mission Accomplished.


The best way the reach me is email, or if you need to you can find my phone# inside of my email address.